teman tinta: telat kenalan

sudah beberapa lama sejak saya berani menulis untuk dibaca orang lain (selain untuk tugas kuliah dan skripsi, ya). tentu, selama ini saya tidak berhenti membuat tulisan-tulisan semacam ini, hanya saja saya tidak berani (juga tidak ingin) untuk menyuguhkan tulisan-tulisan itu tadi. alasan besarnya adalah karena sebagian besar tulisan itu cuma sekadar curhat tanpa juntrungan, atau hanya tanpa juntrungan. betul. kalau kalian baca, paling-paling kalian hanya akan komentar, “apaan nih?” dan menyangka penulisnya mungkin sedikit aneh. alasan lainnya adalah saya malu tulisan saya dibaca orang. wong tulisanku buruk begini, mana ga ada juntrungannya pula!

tapi belakangan ini saya mulai sedikit terbuka dengan tulisan saya, mula-mula tulisan-tulisan kecil yang saya kumpulkan dalam bentuk file notepad di komputer saya kirim kepada teman perempuan saya, sekadar iseng (noticed how I basically trying to say that she’s my girlfriend? yes, I’m that shy). dan dia suka! dari itulah, saya mulai menulis lagi, biarpun sedikit-sedikit dan agak aneh (menurutnya). but I tend to write sporadically, dan juga sedikit malas (cuma sedikit, betul), jadi tulisan yang saya bagi pun terbatas.

selanjutnya, dan ini sebetulnya bikin saya girang, adalah tiba-tiba ada sekumpulan teman dekat yang berusul untuk membuat suatu lingkar menulis! I played it cool, of course. waktu itu saya pikir ini dia yang saya tunggu, sudah waktunya buat lebih, well, more ‘intimate’ dengan mereka. bertahun-tahun sama-sama gila, apa salahnya berbagi pandangan kalian yang paling gila tentang bermacam hal sekalian? dan setidaknya saya tidak bakal begitu malu berbagi dengan mereka.

maka, begitulah–setelah semalaman habis debat kusir untuk cari nama–teman tinta (sounds rather cute, no? yes it is!) bangun: delapan orang gila (satu kelihatannya normal sih…tapi, apa yang lebih gila dari orang normal yang fit in di sekumpulan orang gila?) dan satu yang menyusul masuk (well, so much for my proposed octopus logo design), akan berbagi tulisan dua kali dalam sebulan dengan tema acak. rencananya tiap sesi posting akan dibaca oleh satu pembaca tamu, sekalian memilih postingan favoritnya. siapa saja kami? boleh baca sedikit di sini atau di sini. ga panjang kok. maunya dikenalkan satu-satu, tapi…mungkin lain kali ya.

so, that last post was from the first topic, and we enjoyed it much. we hope teman tinta will last, until forever and beyond.



what is a happy accident?

a happy accident is when you have to pay the rent and the landlord’s a psychopathic murderous bitch and she’s been banging at your door for a full hour with a hatchet, at three in the morning, yelling at you and threaten to ‘…slash your neck and cut you up into nice little slices of meat and sell them to the butcher down the road as cutlets if you poor filthy little pig…’ (she actually said this in a soft voice, much like a lover that whispers some sweet words to your ear) ‘…don’t open this fucking door and pay me your rent!’ while you were standing there behind your door (that’s been barricaded with your bed, bookshelf, and finally, your desk), knowing that there’s been some time since the military issued the emergency lockdown regarding a zombie breakout in your apartment building, and you could hear shuffling noises just down the corridor. and you just stood there, thinking, if she’s been drinking again.

okay. not as happy as it turned out to be, I guess.

or maybe this one is: when you have instructed to deliver a message to the neighboring kingdom that would result in your demise (and death) and you did not aware, set out to deliver the instructed message only to be halted by your old rival and enemy who’d taken over your quest merely because he was always envied you. you then, after a heated argument and some punching, lost it to him, resulted in you being discharged from your position in the kingdom. and you’d heard the word days later, in your retirement lodge abroad, that your old rival and enemy were found impaled at the gate of the neighboring kingdom, just because they thought the message was so insulting that they killed the messenger and declared war.


perhaps this one, then. I got this from a movie I cannot watch through in one screening without sleeping after 45 minutes into the movie. a man on a christmas sale accidentally stumbled upon a woman when they were picked the same pair of gloves they thought would be a good christmas present for their current girlfriend and boyfriend. and after some dessert together they decided to have a crush on each other and thought that it wouldn’t hurt for them to go on a little ‘date’ since their girlfriend and boyfriend would be occupied anyway. after they felt that they were a match for each other, they decided to exchange numbers (well, reluctantly, they have a girlfriend and a boyfriend anyway), but with a little twist: the woman believed in the significance of sign that would suggests the inevitability of fate, so she suggested that he would write his number and his full name on a five-dollar bill that immediately spent and she would write hers on the cover of a book she had and then sold to a used-book store. she then explained to him that if and only if, the book get into his hand and the five-dollar bill into hers, it would be a sign that they were destined for each other.
and so they went living their separate lives where he finally going to get married to his girlfriend and she got engaged to his boyfriend. but one night, he accidentally found a package of half pair of gloves that he bought years ago at the christmas sale when he met the woman. that gave him an uneasy feeling, though, because he remembered about the woman and how she would be his soulmate and so he went for a search for her (the woman also had a similar ‘accident’ when she suddenly remembered about a particular five-dollar bill). the two then went for a search for each other and after a series of accident that nearly cost them their current life, decided to stop, only to be accidentally stumbled upon each other book and five-dollar bill. well, now that cost them their current life, as he then called off his marriage and she broke off his engagement. but when they called each other’s number, they couldn’t reach them (because it’s been years since and they had move on with their lives). so, in desperation, they (separately) decided to go to an ice rink they went on their first and last meeting years ago…and accidentally, at last, found each other.
and live happily ever after.

whew. that was long.

so, what is a happy accident? well, I personally am not really sure what it is. a stroke of fate? an extremely good luck? a divine intervention? what I really felt close to that is when you found a forgotten crumpled bill in your pants’ pocket that has been sitting in your drawers for, like, an eternity, just when you’ve spent your last money on rent while payday is not for another two days and you are starving and desperately needed money to buy a meal.