home, or what to expect when you are reading this blog

apparently, many people hit the home button when it was supposed to house a drop down menu, and found themselves back at the main page. so, to ease their confusion, I created this page to explain what it does.

you are supposed to hover over the home button to reveal the drop down menu that contains the monthly archives (and my other, older blogs).*

but hey, why not give them some welcoming greet here, and explain what generally happens here at this blog? so, welcome, this blog may contains random thoughts in english and indonesian, occasional nonsenses, and whiny things. it could also contains traces of inspirations, encouragements, and humor (although I mostly cannot guarantee you these). because I intend this blog to be a place where I could find a home for my thoughts, you might not like what you find here, and that is fine. just like a saying that goes like this: “because your writings might be your only chance to remember and to be remembered, write!”

–or perhaps I just made that one up.



*this is true when you read this on your pc or laptop. on mobile devices, I do not know for sure.


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